Remember Lep's World 2?A game that is similar to Mario.I loved until this day.

A new game?Edit

I saw in the app store that there was a new leps world.It was Lep's World 2.I downloaded it and it all went well.

I went through all the levels then when i reached W8-8,It said instead:


I wondered for a bit but i continued.The enemies were sad and bleeding and there was a frown on Lep's face.It was all red.Then when I reached the rainbow a message came up.


Translation:It doesn't have to be this way.

Then a picture of Lep with the frown lying down dead in the dark came up.

There was text below:


Translation:Why nobody cares?

I was actually getting tired.Then suddenly a whisper said


Translation:Do you did not help me 'Why? You, I saw crying in pain just. You must help me. Why?

Then I saw Lep crying behind me.

Mysterious level ThemesEdit

The Sonic.exe cryptopia is the theme of the mysterious level Why?

There is also a report of another level called NO PEACE.

Quiet Slumber - Creepy Music Box-002:14

Quiet Slumber - Creepy Music Box-0



Sonic.EXE - The Game OST Endgame "Cryptopia"

Why? level theme(Warning:Jumpscare at end)

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