One sunny afternoon, a girl called Amy had found a file on her computer.It said spelled it backwards it said opened the file and it had a Kirby screen

Like this




Kirby's Hell Land


She pressed the "スタート" button.It came up :

地獄ステージ1 (Hell Stage 1)

It was all fire and the Giygas theme played.The enemies had blood on them and kirby's face was red and the eyes were red too.Well she came through the level.

地獄ステージ2 (Hell Stage 2)

The picture of Jesus on the cross was the background.It was a challenging level but,she passed it.

地獄ステージ3さようなら! (Hell Stage 3 Bye!)

The picture sonic.exe was the background.Then Sonic.exe starting chasing Kirby.Then he got him.

私たちはあなたのために、ステージ444を来ている (We are coming for you Stage 444)

Then all the devils came to kirby and said:

なぜここに?あなたが弱すぎる。 なぜ戦い、あなたが弱すぎる? カービーとあなたの家族の誰もが死んでしまう! 別れを告げる! Translation: Why are you here? You are too weak. The fight, why you are too weak. Everyone in your family and Kirby will die! I say goodbye! Then a an evil Kirby photo appears.And says


Then she turned off the PC and never dared to touch the PC again.