One day there was a boy called Max.He was bored and wanted to play a game. The he heard the door ring and a letter came from his friend saying:

Please destroy this disc.This is so haunted.Whatever you do, don't play this game.

From Sean.

After reading it,he saw the disc.It was labeled SEGASmile.exe.He knew lots of SEGA games but,he never knew this one.So he put it in his computer and started to play it.

It had two buttons.

Start and Info

He clicked info.It said: You have to make the other Sonic characters happy by going to them.

So after reading,he played it.

It was like the Green Hill Zone.The cheerful Sonic CD theme was playing.He went up to every one and they said nice greetings.Then he went to Amy.She said You Missed One.

So he made Sonic went back.Then the background turned inverted.Everyone had blood all over their body.Sonic looked worried.When he arrived at the characters they said Smile to Me.

Then Sonic arrived at Amy.She said: Die here at Hell!

Then there was spikes on the ground and blood over them.She was dead.She said Just smile and we will be together!

The suddenly a picture of Amy with red eyes with blood all over her screamed so loud that Max was nearly deaf.There was a message saying: "Die NOW"

Then Max exited and deleted the game.Then he destroyed the disk with a hammer.