On one sunny morning, I wanted to play a Mario game. I went on my computer and typed up "Mario games." I saw this page that said "Download Mario game." So I downloaded the file. It was called "....exe." It was an ellipsis followed by a .exe extension. My curiosity made me continue. The desktop icon was Mario and Luigi's face smiling. I opened it.

It seemed it was all normal. The Mario theme played and everything was alright.

The first level was called World 1-1, like in the original games. It was all easy. The music was cheerful. It had trees, Goombas and all the stuff that the original W1-1 would be.

The next level was called SEGA IS COOL. Maybe some personal touch from the game designer. The music was the Sonic Colors theme. The background was a picture of Sonic and Mario. It was all easy again.

The next level was called "Leave Me." The text was blood red.

This level was HELL! The music was all screwed up! Everything was covered in bloods. Including Mario's eyes. Every time I killed a enemy it screamed and blood poured out. But I still finished the level.

When I did, Mario's bloody face came on the screen and screeched so loud I nearly went deaf. A message read that "Luigi died. Now you're next!" Then it said "Die Now/Game Over." I exited the program and tried to delete it. But every time I tried a message came up: "TOO LATE MY FRIEND!" It renamed itself TheCurseHasPassedToYou.exe.

We all have those random ideas every now and then in adrenaline, and so I decided to rename it "Die.exe" It went away. But now the background of my PC was the Mario face from the end of the game. There was this writing below: NAG-HULAT SI MARIO OG MGA BOGO NGA TAO.

So I translated it. It was Bisayan. Whatever that is. Mario is waiting for the weak.

I shutdown my computer and never played with it ever again.